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Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday, 14 Mar 2011

Woke early, but feeling like it was mid-day – this is probably because of the mornings getting lighter, so I must see about doing more to black out the room, or I’ll spend the whole summer with severe sleep problems again. Also had very vivid, active dreams again, so I woke up feeling physically tired from all the “exertion”. Very achy, especially in my knees. Severe burning pain in hip and thigh again. Had to take the cat back to the vet again for a check up and hurt myself badly trying to carry him on my back. Had to ask for a glass of water in the vet as I felt so unwell. Severe neck pain. Was unable to move once I got home.

Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011

Woke up early again. Pain and numbness in hands and feet. Neck pain WAY off the scale from yesterday’s exertion. Today was the first day of taking Lyrica [Pregabalin] in the day time. It made me totally spaced out and unable to stand up. Had to spend the entire day laying down because of this and because of post-exertional malaise. Fell asleep in the afternoon and did not wake up until early evening. Reaction is not quite as bad as it had been with Gabapentin, but I still don’t see the point of spending life as a zombie, for little or no benefits. Pain in my legs is still utterly unbearable and this seems to be an effect of the Lyrica reported by others (which again, seems to render it counter-productive).

Wednesday, 16 Mar 2011

Woke up early again, stiff and with pain and numbness in my hands and feet again. Once more, felt knackered before I start – I mean, I always foo, but more so than normal – and before I took the Lyrica again in the morning. Once I had taken it, I was a non-functioning zombie yet again with no choice but to lie down and hope to stay awake until a reasonable time. Pain and stiffness in my knees and ankles at night was particularly bad. The Lyrica also seems to be making me constipated again and has increased stomach pain.

Thursday, 17 Mar 2011

Another crappy day: Woke up tired and stiff, but wasn’t so bad until I took Lyrica. Since then I can hardly stay awake and am very light-headed, staggering and swaying whenever I get up. Pain in neck and shoulders is still unbearable except when relined, supported. Tried to open a bottle of vinegar, but did not have the strength and this caused severe, shooting pains up into my neck. Earlier had brushed cat and swept a small area of carpet, but had to lie down afterwards and was sweating profusely and shaking from the exertion, which took until late morning to subside. Hands and wrists painful again. Writing hurts particularly today. Have mystery inflamed scratch on left arm that I don’t remember getting. Burning pain in hip and upper thigh again.

Friday, 18 Mar 2011

Forgot to take medication until late last night, so couldn’t get to sleep. Woke later than I have been doing, in compensation, but woke with the mother of all headaches, with terrible neck pain and extreme nausea. Had to lie down as this was unbearable and it also made me extremely sensitive to light – if I looked towards the window or computer screen it made me even more nauseas. The headache only began to go in the afternoon. Had to go to the local Post Office, but because of the “stupefying” effects of the Lyrica, I was swaying and staggering around the streets like a drunk, being absent-minded and getting in people’s way in the shop and also found it difficult to make my purchases, count money, etc. Felt very confused and vulnerable. As well as being intolerable, this is too dangerous and I won't be leaving the house under these conditions again.

Saturday, 19 Mar 2011

Didn’t get to sleep until around 3:30am and today my knees feel like they’ve walked a couple of miles or that I’ve not been to sleep at all and are so painful and clicking and feel as if they’re swollen. Had to keep stretching my legs out in bed as they cramped up in pain. House cold again, so my thighs went into spasm as soon as I went to the kitchen – this usually only happens out doors in winter temperatures. Neck still too painful to sit unsupported. Ankles, like knees are stiff and clicking. Hip pain with nerves burning again.

Sunday, 20 Mar 2011

Yesterday, put my hands down beside me to push myself up into sitting position and my left wrist just gave way and bent back on itself with a mighty crack. Super-mega painful. Today the pain is worse and I have no power in it. Can’t lift coffee cup or turn a tap. (Can’t put support on wrist as it caused my skin to split last week.) Neck painful, as usual. Dizzy on sitting up, as well as standing.

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