Thursday, 31 March 2011

You Need Expression

imageYou're the type of person who has a lot to express, and you need many outlets. You love to create - whether you're writing a novel or just putting together an amazing outfit.
You are a deep thinker. You understand the world well, and you are in touch with your emotions. And you don't like to keep your insights to yourself. You love sharing what you know with the world, even if it's in a very abstract way.

What Do You Need Most?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tesco Natural Fish Fail


Looks like a pretty UNnatural fish to me! LOL

Art Feels Like Home to You

imageYou may not be an artist by trade, but you feel like it's important to express your individuality. You can't stand any space that's too generic. You go for character and quirks.
You have a flair for design, and it's likely that you live in a beautiful home. You can see how pieces go together, and you're always looking to add to your collection.

What Feels Like Home to You?

Links of Interest (weekly)

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Friday, 25 March 2011

Cats will be bathed



Spring has sprung and Balu is shedding a lot of hair. A bath helps get rid of more of it faster, which is better than ejected furballs or visits to the vet. He really doesn't mind the bath and converts to a normal sized drowned rat when wet. Of course I gave him a treat afterwards and his sister wanted hers too!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

You Are Whimsical and Spontaneous

imageYou're a bit of a rebel and a rule breaker. In fact, you wonder if there should be very many rules at all. You like taking risks and doing things your own way. You always stand out from the crowd. You are flamboyant and outgoing. You always say what's on your mind, whether you're around friends or strangers.

People may try to copy your style, but anyone who does ends up looking like a cheap knock off. There's only one you!

Yeah, after that they broke the mould! Smile

The Handbag Test

Monday, 21 March 2011

nonsensical Census


Ha, great minds think alike, it seems, because the thoughts that ran through my head yesterday as we went through the silly census form were that it must have been designed by a moron.

What use is it – in relation to providing local services today – for them to know what qualifications we left school with? In my case it was long enough ago to be totally irrelevant and in my mother’s case this was well before the war, (I mean WW2, not any one we’re currently fighting.)

Likewise, what good does it do to know about my last job, in 1997, for a company in Tenerife, or my mother’s, in 1984, in a different area of England? And at 87, she’s hardly likely to work again, so no, she wasn’t looking for work last week, nor was she pregnant, but these questions had to be answered!

Useless, pointless and laughably unfit for purpose.

You Are 83% Skeptic

imageYou're no cynic, but you are a complete skeptic. You don't buy into anything without proof - and you'll challenge any established "fact". In your view, evidence is what matters. You don't believe things based on hope. In fact, you wouldn't even be likely to say you "believe" anything. Believe implies faith.

Oh, how well they know me!

Are You a Skeptic?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A kitchen farce

imageOn the pre-planned lunch menu today were tuna steaks with sweet potato wedges and roast butternut squash. Fortunately, the squash had been roasted, mashed, bagged up and frozen earlier. That just left the sweet spuds to be cut ...

Only yesterday my wrist had given out on me and bent right over backwards, with a nasty cracking sound, when I’d merely put my hands out to my sides to push myself up into a sitting position in bed. And it hurt like f*ck. Now I’ve lost almost all power – what little was left – in the wrist, so this morning I couldn’t even carry a cup of coffee, nor turn a tap.

Cutting up hard sweet potatoes certainly wasn’t going to happen today. Well, I already couldn’t do it with a knife and had bought one of the pictured apparatus – a vegetable wedger – to do the job of chopping them more easily.

Only it still wasn’t easy, because it still requires strength that I don’t have any more and I have to get down on the kitchen floor with it – and, no, it isn’t easy to get back up again – to put my whole weight behind it. Today, because I couldn’t put my weight behind my wrist, I couldn’t even do that.

In the end, I pushed on one side, while my mother pushed the other down with her foot – she couldn’t bend down to do otherwise – and with a bit of a fiddle, some brute force and lots of ignorance, we finally got sweet potato wedges.

What a bloody farce?

(I noticed Balu the cat was laying up the other end of the kitchen watching this performance. He probably thinks we’ve gone stark raving mad!)

We try to eat things like sweet potato instead of always having potato, because it’s healthier. I’ve looked to see if you can buy them ready-prepared and you can, but they come with coatings and chemicals we can’t eat and that would cause other problems, negating the healthy ethic too. And, while not everything is as hard to cut as a sweet potato, there are similar problems or parallel decisions to be made over many domestic tasks nowadays.

You just don’t realize how difficult seemingly simple things can be, until you can’t do them. What’s the alternative here? Getting – i.e. paying - someone to come in and do the preparation, if not cooking, for us, probably.

Links of Interest (weekly)

  • "What the hell are we getting ourselves into? And what for? Libya is not, at least not yet, posing a strategic threat to the West so why on earth should we risk getting involved on one side of a civil war that is being fought along tribal lines?"

    tags: cosmos politics

  • "Earlier this week I posted about how as a society we have The I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead Theory mentality when in actuality, it may be causing more harm than good, in my opinion. How many times do we hear over and over again that if we are not getting the proper amounts of sleep ( at least 7 – 8 hours a night, more for those with chronic illnesses), our bodies are ticking time bombs that cannot continually keep up with the demand that we are putting on them?"

    tags: me_cfs cosmos

  • "Undercover GP uncovers poor and unethical practises by the private French medical firm responsible for carrying out Work Capability Assessments.

    Please share and help spread awareness of the injustices committed by Atos Healthcare.

    tags: uk benefits cosmos

  • tags: cosmos

  • "It’s a sign of discontent in the truest blue Tory heartlands when their Party can only poll a third of the vote in the home of “disgusted of Tunbridge Wells”"

    tags: uk politics cosmos

  • "Council tax benefit is received by more than 5.8 million people. Both the Tories and Lib Dems are on record as criticising it for being an unfair tax. So, naturally, the Coalition is currently planning to change the system in 2013 to squeeze another £480 million out of people on low incomes, by cutting the amount that central government pays out on council tax benefit by 10% and letting councils decide which of the low paid workers, pensioners, carers and others no longer qualify for help with their council tax."

    tags: uk benefits cosmos

  • "One of the justifications for the proposed personal independence payment is that there is less of an need to supply a disabled people with cash for mobility costs now that we have the disability discrimination act to ensure laws governing access and the NHS to provide wheelchairs. So, instead of someone's ability to walk, their ability to 'mobilise' will be considered. "

    tags: uk disability benefits cosmos

  • "Another problem that many women with ME/CFS have is vulvodynia -- or chronic vulvar pain (i.e., pain in the female nether regions). Not surprisingly, I have this condition. "

    tags: me_cfs fibromyalgia cosmos vulvodynia

  • "In every case that I have encountered, people with ME/CFS who have appealed to the medical tribunal have succeeded in their appeals and their benefits have been reinstated."

    tags: me_cfs cosmos

  • "Something struck me though during the process, he kept referring to CFS in a “mental” disorder, rather than a neurological condition. I called him out on this at the end of the session and he explained that the computer test is set that way.. However, this link from @latentexistence clearly shows that CFS is regarded as a physical condition for DLA claimants. I hope that when the current ATOS test is reformed, this is corrected.

    tags: me_cfs cosmos uk benefits ATOS

  • "The Government is currently undergoing a review of Local Authority Statutory Duties. If this is something that interests you, you may want to take a look at some information now available on the DCLG website."

    tags: uk politics cosmos

  • tags: cosmos

  • Tory MPs in the UK have obviously been taking lessons from their American counterparts.

    tags: disability cosmos

  • "Most of us don't sleep in long stretches, and insomnia is especially common. That can mean we end up napping frequently and sleeping at odd times. My sleep schedule has been a mess for the past few months! It makes it hard for me to get my kids to school, make it to appointments, and function in sync with the rest of the world to any degree."

    tags: fibromyalgia me_cfs cosmos

  • "I'm a DWP worker sticking his head above the parapet and hoping not to get shot... I work in a busy Jobcentre and my customers are those 25+ who've been out of work for 13 weeks or longer. Probably 60-70% of the one hundred or more people I see every week are evidently not fit for work and yet, in theory, it's my job to whip them through the same hoops as everybody else, persecute them, attempt to stop their benefits and generally shame them into applying for all manner of wholly unsuitable jobs that they're never going to be able to do."

    tags: uk benefits cosmos

  • ""Nevertheless there is still fun to be had speculating whether you'll be killed in an oil war, gunned down by Russian gangsters or consumed by a natural event that is just suddenly there."

    tags: uk cosmos

  • "By moving abroad, pensioners would save the Exchequer billions of pounds in health and social care costs - highly desirable at a time when the UK needs to make deep cuts to its welfare budget. So, asks John Markham, why isn't the government doing more to encourage it? "

    tags: expat pensions uk cosmos

  • "The housing law bulletin issued by Garden Court Chambers every week had some interesting links to housing benefit related items this week. Most interesting of all perhaps was a link to the Government's response to the Work & Pensions Select Committee's report on the forthcoming housing benefit changes."

    tags: uk benefits cosmos

  • "It says a lot about how desperate the Tories are getting, and not much for George Osborne and chums' maths skills."

    tags: uk benefits politics cosmos

  • " ice cream, cake and beer made with pot have been cleared on health grounds by the country's top food watchdog, "despite fears the 'marijuana munchies' could trigger positive drug tests.""

    tags: cosmos

  • "This is a light-hearted bit of fun. Please send it to the most rabid right wing, Daily Mail reading, stereotype-abuser you can think of. We will never break these myths down unless we challenge them."

    tags: uk benefits cosmos

  • "A new study shores up support for the theory of central sensitization in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). It also connects specific types of migraines with sets of ME/CFS symptoms."

    tags: me_cfs cosmos

  • "Imagine just having an illness, without the stress of feeling you are on trial constantly. (Imagine what our poor adrenal glands are dealing with, years and years and years of having to defend ourselves.) Most of the time you try and switch off, rise above it, get on with things, but then one morning you wake up to broadsheet headlines telling you that 'ME can be cured by exercise' - clever scientists say so! This unleashes such feelings of injustice and rage, you can't ignore it. You have to fight it. There is too much at stake. "

    tags: me_cfs cosmos

  • "... this declaration of war against anything and everything public is of a different order. It is clearly a long-planned campaign of dissimulation to foist on the country a profound ideological restructuring of the State for which there is no democratic backing. That can only be adequately described as an internal coup d’├ętat."

    tags: uk politics cosmos

  • "What I mind most, though, are the people who listen to my story with such sympathy, but then take equal time to describe the horrors of their current cold/flu/chilblains. My usual response? "Don't worry too much about feeling ill, it gets easier after the first couple of years." That shuts them up."

    tags: me_cfs cosmos

  • "Although PACE Isn't for ME has come to a close, there is still a way you can help. Below is a list of the participating blogs - if you would visit each one in turn and leave a comment, this will help raise the blog's profile on Google, which in turn will increase its public visibility."

    tags: me_cfs cosmos

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Speekin teh Inglish

Funny Pictures - Cat Doesn't Understand Lolspeak
see more ICHC After Dark

Hahahahahaha I’ve always said that if cats were to speak / write, they – being everso clever – would use proper spelling and grammar, not LOLspeak.

(My cats, of course, understand both English and Spanish.)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Links of Interest (weekly)

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Links of Interest (weekly)

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