Friday, 25 February 2011

Who says cats don’t understand …


His Royal Floofyness, Cat Balu has a poorly toof. He’s had a touch of halitosis for some time, but just lately, I’ve sensed that it’s beginning to bother him.

Overnight, his sister had curled up in my arms, head in the crook of my armpit and paws stretched out up my neck to touch my face (only about the 3rd time she’s done this in all of her 10 years of life), while Balu curled up in the space next to my pillow, with his head on it, looking a bit forlorn.

- I mean even more forlorn than the usual look of utter forlorness that’s calculated to appeal to my nature as a first-class pushover -

This morning, after mithering me for breakfast early, he was soon back again and, instead of going off somewhere to sleep, as he usually does, wanted to cling and cuddle, forcing his ample self between me and the laptop.

So I had a poke round his mouth and he did flinch when I touched the area of the affected tooth, so I dialled the vet and made him an appointment.

Happy now?”, I asked him (as you do), without further moving or gesturing, and with that, he got up and walked away, curling up lower down the bed.

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