Thursday, 10 February 2011

Service with a sullen

imageBugger me, what happened to service in this third-world shit-hole of a country?

I’ve been putting off going to the Post Office all week because I was too ill, even to get out of bed, but today it had to be done and I staggered round there in the rain. I wish I hadn’t bothered.

I had a small parcel to pay for and send and I had a letter, that was stamped for 1st class, but for which I required some sort of receipt.

I merely said that I would like a receipt as I passed over the letter.

The snotty, bitchy, sullen response I got barked back at me was:

You can’t have a receipt, because you haven’t paid any extra for it.”

WTF did she think I’d brought it to the Post Office counter for then?

How ‘effin difficult would it have been for her to say, “Certainly, you can have a receipt, that’ll be however much …” which I’d have gladly paid?

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