Friday, 7 January 2011

Your Border Collie is smarter than you

imageWell, s/he’s probably at least half as smart, really:

“Researchers at Wofford College discovered that a border collie comprehends the names of over 1,000 objects, differentiating between names of objects and orders to fetch them.”

Actually, I think this story is begging (pun intended, dog, beg, geddit?) to be used for a spoof news article, explaining that research has found that these dogs are smarter than …

Oh, let’s say right-wing politicians and Daily Fail readers, for starters.

And you have to giggle at how close “Wofford College” is to “Wooford …”

Anyway, I was once taught that for “average” everyday conversation, you only need a vocabulary of 2,000 words. It’s all most of us use, most of the time (I used this information to inspire myself to learn the basics of foreign languages.)

So, the potential is there for a border collie to be smarter than you.

It puts our position in the “pecking order” into perspective, doesn’t it?

Not so smart now, are we?

Via: ScienceDaily

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