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  • "If Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) actually worked, you would hear lots of stories about cured patients. Can anyone remember having heard such stories? Do you know anyone who has been ‘cured’ by these methods? Or are you still reading and hearing lots of stories about uncured, long-term patients?" Excellent point!

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  • "By that I mean that the standards for mobility and care levels are fairly well defined; organisations which deal with disabled people and assess their need can simply look at the individual’s DLA award to understand what that person’s needs might be, rather than reinventing the wheel and creating their own assessment system. In many cases, receipt of DLA at a certain level provides automatic entitlement to other benefits and services."

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  • "... and it may be possible to develop special drugs for XMRV which will be more effective – if the drugs companies remove their collective skulls from their colons and get on with the job. "

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  • "Disability lawyer Mike Charles told the BBC the moves could be unlawful if they denied individuals the right to quality of life." (Exactly what I said about the cuts months ago.)

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  • "I have had severe M.E. for over 30 Years. I am one of the 25 percent-ers (the 25% of sufferers who are mostly house-bound and often bed-bound with only about 3 hours of 'up' time daily). I have severe relapses, often, completely helpless and bed-bound for months at a time. My story is reminiscent of most - a story of misdiagnosis, mistreatment, disbelief, trivialisation, etc."

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  • "Excitotoxins are substances added to foods and beverages that literally stimulates neurons to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. They can be found in such ingredients as monosodium glutamate, aspartame (Nutrasweet®), cysteine, hydrolyzed protein, and aspartic acid. Dr. Blaylock's book describes what excitotoxins are, where they are found, and how they react in the body. Dr. Blaylock, a board-certified neurosurgeon, presents the latest research findings to demonstrate how exposure to excitotoxins will damage nerve cells in the brain. The use of aspartame, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and monosodium glutamate in prepared foods and beverages continues to increase on a yearly basis. Dr. Blaylock clearly demonstrates that the neurotoxic potential of excitotoxins such as MSG and aspartame is so overwhelming that it can no longer be ignored. The message contained in this book is of particular importance to members of high-risk groups; the elderly, young children and those people at risk of or with a family history of neurodegenerative diseases. "

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  • "In this study, rhesus macaque monkeys were injected with XMRV, and then their blood and organs were tested to track the progression of the infection.

    After a few weeks, XMRV was almost totally gone from the blood. But the infection had spread to many of the organs, including the lungs, spleen, liver, lymphatic system, bronchial passages, gut, and the sex organs.

    When the monkeys were later injected with a bolus of foreign peptides (which mimics an acute infection, an immunization, or an acute mold exposure) there was a huge reactivation of infectious XMRV. Stress and certain hormones also appear to be significant reactivators."

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  • "The physical symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are plenty bad, but the mental ones can be just as debilitating. They also come in many forms, each of which can range from mild to severe."

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  • "There are few areas of life that have not been touched. From football clubs to pubs, foxhunts to poetry readings, circuses to the backs of the school bike sheds, playgrounds to political protests – everyday activities are either now banned or highly regulated."

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  • "These preliminary results demonstrated the utility of salivary proteomic analysis in the identification of salivary biomarkers in FM patients and in clarifying some of the pathogenetic aspects of the disease."

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  • ... which is kinda unlikely to just be "in your head", we reckon.

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  • Unlike many other health conditions, IBS relief does not often happen by taking one simple medication. Instead, IBS sufferers typically use a variety of strategies to reduce their symptoms.

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  • "... once more the health and wellbeing of the chronically sick is being put at risk by the bean-counters."

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  • "Exercise is another hoax. Doctors tell you all you need to do is exercise. What they don’t accept (in spite of my telling them over and over and over and over) is that when a person with ME/CFS exercises, they feel worse and may even be flat on their backs for the next week."

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  • "Griffiths used official statistics gleaned from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the tribunal service and social security statistics to get to "at least" 500,000 wrongly barred from incapacity benefit since 1996."

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  • "Strong industry opposition sees Defra ignore concerns about overuse and the spread of antibiotic-resistant bugs from farm animals to the food chain and rule out a ban on the advertising of antibiotic drugs to farmers"

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  • "In the first-ever quantification of energy expended by humans during sleep, a University of Colorado team has found that the metabolic cost of an adult missing one night of sleep is the equivalent of walking slightly less than two miles."

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  • "This, to me, is a staggering sum of money to be spending on testing every individual on incapacity benefit to see whether they are ‘deserving’ of it."

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  • "I have nothing left to say, except that marijuana SHOULD BE LEGALIZED! "

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