Saturday, 17 July 2010

The weight loss fairy smiles

Occasionally. At least this time, a sporadic check on my weight reveals that I've actually managed to lose 6 lbs since the last check on June 2nd.

(Actually, I checked this a couple of weeks ago and again yesterday, so this is weight that's stayed off.)

Currently, I weigh in at 76 kilos ( 168 lbs / 12 stone exactly ).

"Only" another 11 kilos ( 24 lbs / 1 st 10 lbs ) to go to reach my goal of 65 kilos (just over 10 stone), 143 lbs (the ideal target of 128 lbs strikes me as positively anorexic, let alone impossible to achieve under the circumstances.)

So thus far, it has taken me just over a year (since I was first weighed at 176 lbs (80 kilos / 12 1/2 stone) on June 25th, 2009) to lose the grand total of 8 lbs (3.6 kilos). OK, so it's only 4 months if you count from when I ditched the extraneous calories and made the most drastic changes to my diet.
At this rate - let's consider it an average loss of 2 lbs a month since taking this seriously - it will "only" take me another year to lose the other 24 lbs.

That is, of course, provided I don't succumb to any naughty temptations whatsoever in the meantime!

Yeah, that's bloody likely, innit?

Still, there is some good news: getting down to 168 lbs at 5 ft 3 inches makes my BMI calculate to 29.8 and thus, at just a sliver under 30, brings me down into the top of the overweight category instead of being in the obese one.

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