Sunday, 6 June 2010

Flying Cats


Ha ha, this photo reminded me of the day, once upon a time, while we were out walking amongst the vines in Tenerife, when the portly hairy one, Balu, demonstrated his gravity-defying flying ability.

Taking off was a marvel: he simply launched himself from a standing start and, with a steep angle of climb - belly hair billowing in the breeze, arms and legs outstretched, he looked just like an early flying mammal or flying squirrel - as he soared rapidly to at least 5 feet in altitude to pluck an unsuspecting canary off the top of some tall, thin, stick-like weeds up the road.

Some tall, thin, stick-like weeds up the road Landing was another matter, mind you: unlike his relatively graceful ascent, the podgy flying cat tends to drop to the ground with an almighty thud, just like a stone.

But then he just carried on, on the walk, along with myself, the dog, his sister (who bumped headlong into an oncoming rabbit), the other cats present that day and now with a rather a disgruntled canary hanging from his mouth and bouncing along as Balu trotted to keep up.

Oh how I miss those outings, the scenery, the crazy antics ...

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