Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A festival look

image Couldn't help giggling at this in The Guardian:

Round my way, a festival look is at least three sweatshirts, a bad pair of jeans, lame wellingtons from the high street that leak because you were too cheap to go Hunter, hair that hasn't been washed for three days, eyes that haven't been shut for four, and a palpable air of despair of ever seeing your home and, more importantly, your bed and indoor plumbing again.

It also strikes me as somewhat absurd that I keep coming across this term to describe clothing for sale on eBay. Personally, I try to keep to a casual, unkempt look all of the time and can't help thinking that "special" festival clothing is aimed at merely "part-time hippies": those who spend their weekdays in dull grey worlds, wearing dull grey suits and ties to the accounts department.

Oh, like I used to to 20 years ago. In that sense I'm fortunate now.

Then the other week, while I was waiting for a bus at Southampton station, there was a motley group waiting for the free bus to the ferry port. Since the general fashion trend - at least amongst the girls - seemed to be summer frock, absurdly decorated wellies, plastic mac and backpack, I had a mental smile to myself as I reckoned they must be going to the Isle of Wight Festival.

See I remember enduring a whole weekend of, fortunately, Knebworth Dust (well, face it, it could so easily have been Knebworth Mud) and the utterly disgusting "Stupid People Toilets" to see Led Zeppelin back in 1979.

That dust remained in my blankets, my clothes and pretty much all of my orifices for almost as long as the memory of the event has remained and, if  there's one thing I can see as positive about "old age" it is that I have no more desire to attend such events ever again. At least not in the UK climate!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Relieve Summer Joint Pain

image By Danny Hamil

Have you ever thought about associating knee pain and joint pain with how much water you drink on a hot summer day? Dehydration can be the cause of many of the reasons we feel really bad on a hot summer day, or any other day, for that matter. The human body is made up of 60-80% water. If we just think about it, when we deplete our body of large amounts of water - which is the basis of life - changes in the body will happen in order to compensate for the loss of water in the body. And one of these compensating effects is that it can actually cause pain to be much worse, and become chronic pain in some individuals, than it would have ordinarily been if you had been drinking plenty of water.

You should consume, on a daily basis, half your body weight in ounces of water. This is a greater amount than we hear of every day, but if your body is losing water through sweating or other means, then greater amounts of water must be consumed to keep our body functioning properly. Taking sea salt will help the body maintain the water in the body longer, as well. One of the side effects of too little water in the body on a hot summer day is body cramps. When we have cramps, our body is trying to send us a message.

Stretching and exercise are important to maintaining our overall health and well-being, especially our muscles and joints. Stretching makes that particular part of the body more limber, brings more blood and oxygen to the area and can help reduce the amount of pain you feel. Exercise strengthens the ligaments, tendons and tissues in and around the joints. Having stronger, more active joints will greatly reduce the amount of joint injuries that you have. You may not miss some of these pains, but that is because you minimized the risk and the injury never happened.

Another important thing we can do to reduce knee pain and joint pain is to take a nutrient that will strengthen and lubricate the joints. You can reduce joint injuries and reduce and even totally eliminate the knee pain or joint pain after it occurs. After the age of 30, research shows that our bodies produce dramatically reduced amounts of collagen and HA. This leads to rapid aging and deterioration, loss of elasticity and moisture, inflammation, and joint pain. We need to provide valuable nutrition for our tissue and joint health every day.

Think of your body and joints this way: You take your automobile to the auto shop to have the oil changed and the joints lubricated periodically so they will give you maintenance free service for many years to come. Right? Do you think more of your automobile than you do of your body?

I have helped many people reduce joint pain and knee pain, and some people totally eliminate joint pain. Get free information and start a new life without joint pain today by visiting my website at Look, feel and act younger starting today!

Photo: aduhai

Monday, 14 June 2010

Something doesn't add up here

While The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is demanding 1,000 million dollars from LimeWire (free peer-to-peer file sharing client), the US Government is only demanding 69 million dollars from BP.


Which, translated says: "It must be because sharing music is 14.5 times more damaging than the catastrophe of an oil spill."

From Canarias Insurgente

Blacker than black

Soon to be seen in my wardrobe:


The "blacker than black" substance developed by scientists does not occur in nature; nor is it some sort of paint. Rather, it is a "metamaterial": an intricately constructed array of tiny silver wires embedded in aluminium oxide, which does weird things to the light waves that hit it, bending them in odd ways and sending them in unnatural directions.

"Hey, I wonder if the new black makes you look much thinner?" she asks, hopefully.

It's official: the new black is very, very black

You Are Kind

image "You are a considerate person, and people appreciate your kindness more than you'll ever know. You watch and understand people well. You know what each person in your life really needs. You are a natural peacemaker and a truly good friend. You bring people together. You are patient with others and willing to give them the benefit of doubt. You get along with almost everyone."

Take the quiz yourself if you think it's possible to cheat or give the answers you think you ought to give. Anyway, I like to think so. My friends seem to think so. My mother is probably telling some of you a whole different story, however.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Upton Sinclair

Writers Who Changed the World - Upton Sinclair
"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it" - Upton Sinclair

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Apples & Pears Redux

imageWell, I'm really naffed off now - I weighed myself this morning, only to find that I have gained weight over the last month or so and am back up at 78 kilos (174 lbs / 12st 6lbs.) This is despite sticking, mostly, to my 1500 calorie diet

Truthfully, I couldn't eat less and still maintain adequate nutrition, but with fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and such severe exercise intolerance as I suffer, I really can't see any other means of attacking this obesity problem.

What is most apparent with me now is that I'm carrying a lot of that extra fat around the middle - and "People who carry a lot of weight around their middle are at increased risk of developing dementia, say researchers."

It's not a great future to look forward to, is it?

Actually, going to various fibromyalgia and pain groups here recently, I have noticed that not only are the majority of fibro sufferers overweight, but most seem to be apple shapes, who carry weight in the middle. It makes me wonder if there is some scientific explanation to a link between body type and brain shrinkage (if one exists), that may help unravel the fibromyalgia mystery.

In the meantime, while we wait for a miracle from the weight-loss fairy, I guess all we can do is learn to wear sacks with Empire line waists! See How To Dress If You're Apple-Shaped and Fashion Tips For Your Body Shape: Apple.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Inter-species wrestling

Many's the time I used to wake up to scenes where Balu and Holly would be play wrestling.

For 13 years Holly and I were virtually joined at the hip. I felt safe with her and I loved that dog more than life itself and never more so than when she adopted and took on the job of being mother to those kittens.

She would watch them, keep them under control, the cats would come in and hide somewhere safe if Holly barked a certain way (even when they were all grown up), she'd tell them off if they scratched the furniture, she brought them back if they wandered too far, she'd wash their little bottoms and she would play with them, teaching them to "ruff and tumble."

Balu especially, who would be on his back and Holly would nuzzle into his floofy belly. It always made her sneeze incessantly and her nose would wrinkle, which always gave the impression that she was giggling. In fact, I almost believe she was. Balu was clearly enjoying himself too, because he made no objection and didn't dig his claws in her snout as she virtually used the fluffy mog as a feline floor mop!

How I miss waking up to such loving scenes.

But as much as they should be really wonderful memories, remembering is not yet a pleasant thing. I wonder if it ever will be? Still now though it only brings with it a painful, aching longing, a huge lump in my chest and throat and a reminder of the massive void in my life that she filled.

I was with Holly when I had to have her put down in 2008 - because at the last, at least I could do that for her and never desert her -  but I cannot get over it. Every time I think of her, I can see the expression on her face that day. It still comes to me in flashbacks at inappropriate times during the day and it comes to me as nightmares at night. It haunts and terrorizes me.

And I have no idea how I can make it better.


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