Monday, 3 May 2010

Revisiting The Death Clock

imageThree years ago, before I gave up smoking, this gadget had me down as due to expire this year of 2010, if I was a pessimist.

Well, I guess we still have 8 months to go, but being optimistic ...

(Actually, I really have no damn idea what I am, but I think I now know why I don't know, which is a subject for a future post or many.) 

So, as a brand-new squeaky-clean non-smoker, what are my chances?

Apparently, if I were "normal" (which I very much doubt), I'll be shuffling off on May 17th, 2036 - by which time I'd be 79 - which gives me another 26 years.

That sounds like a long time, until I remember how fast the last 26 passed.

If, however, I manage to successfully fool myself into optimism, I can apparently stretch it out until 2049 - to the age of 92. I'm not sure I'd even want to, given that I'm already less able and active than an over 85 year old!

But I must maintain hope - otherwise, giving up smoking seems to have gained me only 4 years: as a pessimist, my new expiry date is 2014.

The Death Clock - When Am I Going To Die?

1 comment:

cinderkeys said...

Deaths related to active smoking tend not to be pretty. Even with the most pessimistic new prognosis, at least you've spared yourself those specific experiences. Pat on the back for you!


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