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Friday, 21 May 2010

Paying dearly

Why, oh why, when I had such a pleasant day out on Monday, have I had to pay so dearly since?

A friend picked me up in her car, so at least I didn't exhaust myself with the usual 1 mile route march to town and, we had a great day. Starting out late morning, I spent around an hour just sitting, while she did her exercise class. I moved from a chair, which was uncomfortable for my back and neck and, because I started getting pain in my legs and sat on the floor, resting my back against the wall to mitigate the problem.

We then went to the famous junk food emporium with the arches for lunch, as a treat. For a couple of hours in the afternoon, I sat and chatted at our fibromyalgia support group. I got up once to get a cup of tea. I ate one biscuit. Such an outing shouldn't cause too much problem, should it?

Huh! No, a couple of hours is more than enough for me, so that by the time we left the fibro group I was so exhausted my balance was badly affected. (As I only had to walk across a tiny car park, I didn't bother with my walking stick.) So I managed to trip down a curb and jarred my knee, which has hurt since.

And just one treat: one meal's deviation - not even the whole day, because I had all my usual supplements, healthy breakfast and evening meal - from my usual mega-roughage plan is still causing utter havoc and it's now Friday.

Missing just one portion of my dynamite-strength fibre, on Tuesday, I couldn't go to the loo at all. (The same thing has happened if I've forgotten to put a sprinkling of linseeds on my salad, so I keep them out on view now.)

By Wednesday afternoon, I felt crap: much more lethargic than usual, even more nauseous than usual, even more bloated than usual - my stomach looked 9.5 months pregnant - and I could actually feel my ankles swelling up.

My pain levels have increased, particularly a pounding headache - so bad it's affecting my vision and has mostly kept my head firmly stuck to the pillow - that hasn't completely gone all week and pain in my joints, which could be swollen (although not visibly so) with the bloating and achyness in muscles that feels like I haven't eliminated my toxins from them - which basically, I haven't.

By late evening Wednesday, I finally managed to move something, but it was difficult (I joked that I'd thought I was going to need a midwife for it) and yet it was still not thorough. It took until the early hours of Friday morning to catch up on the missed day, but it's still not right and definitely not clear yet - another clue to which is pressure that's increasing my irritable bladder problem.

Personally, I think there has to be something seriously wrong that just one deviation from routine can cause a whole week's havoc and constipation this severe and, this is something I plan to discuss with my GP.

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ronsrants said...

Constipation is why I drink beer. Ideally, I'd have a few pints a day, but it's expensive, I'm mostly housebound and, as I've mentioned in another comment, even one pint makes me ill. So I tend to have about a gallon once a week, which keeps things moving after a fashion.

I once, last year, didn't drink beer for 2 weeks. The result was a blocked bowel, 12 hours of vomiting and an ambulance ride to A&E, where I was given a i-v shot of some kind of purgative. Which, erm, worked . . . It would have been nice if they'd told me what they'd done, though.

Trouble is, I'm getting bored with drinking, and with the fact that it just doesn't like me - never has, even though I like beer. And even getting good beer these days is increasingly problematic.

So I need an alternative. However, as I now have a bunch of heart problems, plus massive oedema, to deal with, staying hydrated is a battle, with diuretics putting it out as fast as it goes in, which also aggravates the basic problem.

So back to linseeds (which I grind up and drink in a glass of squash - I find that works best), in the hope that they'll salvage some fluids from the grip of the diuretics. That and a wholefood veggie diet will hopefully get the job done.