Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My Celebrity Look-alikes

Time for a little light relief, with the celebrity rogues gallery:

Helen Clark 63%, Lisa Marie Presley 60%, Winston Churchill 60%, David Beckham 54% (based on what: that were both British, maybe?), Piper Perabo 52%, Uma Thurman 52%, Jay Hernandez 52%, Derek Jeter 50%.

ROFL! I don't think I look a bit like David Beckham, but I'll take it as a compliment. Well, so are most of the others really.

Note to self though: lose weight before your jowls become even more bulldog / hangdogish than the elderly Winston Churchill's were.

In the main, the only passing resemblance I bear to any of them is that we all seem to have been at the head of the queue when big noses were given out.

Still, it's a bit of fun and I found it via here.

My mother, on the other hand, who uses far less technological methods of face recognition, is completely convinced that I bear far more than a passing resemblance to English actress, singer, and presenter, Claire Sweeney.

Personally, I don't see it, however, there is the fact that my mother's family name was Sweeney, which may, or may not, have some bearing.

For that matter, someone in Tenerife, who had no idea of that history, once told me I bore an uncanny resemblance to a London boxer (not sure what to make of that!) whose surname is also Sweeney.

Kinda makes you wonder if my ancestor had a bike, doesn't it?

Apparently, I do have a double and I feel absolutely sorry for her.

She's around three years older than me and she would be some sort of cousin. My grandmother and her sister, married my grandfather and his brother. Each of those marriages bore sons (one was my father, of course) and both of those sons had daughters, one of whom is me.

Given the common heritage, it's no surprise that we'd be alike.

For reasons nobody now knows, however, this lot all fell out long before I was born, so I have never met this person, nor know where she is. My father didn't even know she'd been born and I only found out, by accident, when I had to call on neighbours of grandmother's sister some years ago. The neighbour, who knows my double well, nearly had an apoplexy when she saw me.

Mind you, another branch of my family, also on my father's side, has the surname of Shakespeare. There's nothing written on this blog that would lead you to recognize any family traits there, are there?  Laughing

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