Thursday, 8 April 2010

You Persuade People Through Logic

"You feel like facts should be enough to persuade people, and you always focus on making a reasonable argument. You never appeal to emotion - you feel like it's beneath you. You are much more concerned with evidence. Once someone is convinced of the facts, you show them the logical steps to reach your conclusion. You rather have someone totally convinced and persuaded than not, even if it is a lot of work."

This is so true and yet, is clearly where I'm going wrong. I'm not sure my ethics would allow me to learn more weaselling ways now, but I can accept that failure is down to the fact that while my skills in logic are merely "above average", I regularly have to deal with people who have no grasp of it at all.

How Do You Persuade People?


cinderkeys said...

A more accurate statement would be, "You attempt to persuade people through logic." Very few humans are actually persuaded by logic.

Pamela said...

Yes, you're so right.

This is probably why I relate to animals so much better than humans!

This old dog (me) is going to have to learn a few new persuasion tricks, me thinks.


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