Thursday, 29 April 2010

You Need Some Black in Your Life

image"Black will make you feel powerful, in control, and not bound to what other people think of you. And with a little black, you will project a aura of mystery, rebellion, and dominance. If you want people to respect you, you've got to get a little black in your life! For extra punch: Combine black with orange or red. The downside of black: People won't be able to "read" you - and may perceive you as more aggressive than you actually are. The consequences of more black in your life: You'll become a figure of intrigue and speculation. You'll be better prepared for life's unknown path. You'll rest better and free yourself of expectations."

ROFLMAO! It's hard to imagine where I could introduce any more black, since almost all of my wardrobe, accessories & gadgets are entirely black already.

I've stuck to it because it's less draining to my skintone than neutrals such as grey and beige - which I appear match when I wear them - less ageing than navy blue, more sophisticated than browns and, having everything all one colour means I don't even have to think about what goes with what.

Mystery and rebellion maybe. I wish it made me feel in control!

What Color Do You Need?

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