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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Who me a genius?

Your IQ Is 130
  • Your Logical Intelligence is Above Average
  • Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
  • Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
  • Your General Knowledge is Genius
Which, apparently, is "Very superior" intelligence seen only in the top 2.2 percent of the population. 

Probably just means smartarse, but another point would make me a candidate for Mensa. (Not that I'd bother.)

The interesting thing is, I've taken this test before - on a bad day (probably foggy) - where I *only* got a score of 120. I knew I should have been capable of more and, indeed, managed a score of 135 in a more comprehensive IQ test in the past (while I was still in possession of my mental faculties.) And even yesterday was not a particularly good day. Mentally, I was fairly lucid, but I took the test while lying down to rest after a physically exhausting event.

Such tests could provide a visible indication of the effects of ME, fibromyalgia, et al., where they relate to cognitive abilities. Only the other day, I'd taken another cognitive test and found it supremely difficult and overwhelming to the point it gave me a headache. That was more indicative of the way my brain is affected in everyday things. Once upon a time, I could stretch my brain just for fun and it would respond by increasing it's abilities, but once I'd done the first couple of exercises in that cognitive test my brain just halted like a derailed train.

There's no point pushing it, because it simply won't go once capacity is exceeded. When asked to think of as many words as I could beginning with the letter "F", I was pretty much stuck on the one word with four letters. Overall, that test rated my verbal intelligence as deficient and my thinking slow. Years ago, I'd do vocabulary tests and always come out in the top band. Nowadays, you'd think I didn't speak much English at all from the number of words I get wrong.

The truth is my thinking speed has been seriously affected. I can cope if I write things down, whereas, I can actually hear how slurred and stupid I'm becoming now when speaking. If pressured, I cannot think of simple words, nor express myself. I find phone conversations particularly challenging now and avoid them as much as I can. In times past, I'd have phones superglued to both ears!

Some years ago, I used to be able to simultaneously translate Spanish newsreaders who speak at about 200 words per minute - well, the gist, even if not verbatim. Now I cannot hold a sentence of Spanish in my head long enough to translate it.

As Mark Twain so aptly said: “Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.