Wednesday, 14 April 2010

UK debt now in line with UK ego?

imageOMG, look at the relative size of the UK's debt, in comparison with it's usual relative size in the world, especially when compared to the relative size of debt in the US, which I think most of us would have judged as horrendous.

Interestingly too, Spain's debt, which is generally perceived to be pretty awful - like the country's bankrupt - appears only correctly relative to it's physical size.

This map reminds me of something we did in class when I studied psychology at Birmingham University back in the 80s.

We were asked to draw a map of the world, from memory. The point of this being to show us how we British tend to draw most of the world at more or less correct relative dimensions, until we get to the British Isles, which we tend to draw hugely oversized - in line with our opinions of it's importance.

You know how we can be about that Empire we no longer have. Tongue out

(No, I've no idea if other nationalities also overestimate theirs.)

Strangely - well, OK, not strange at all if you know me well - I was the only person in class to draw the British Isles also at a correct relative size, which certainly does reflect my opinion about this insignificant little island.

(Via: Global recovery? The real dimension of external debt)

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