Thursday, 1 April 2010

So guess who was the fool?

imageFor almost nine years - my two cats celebrate their 9th birthdays this month - mornings have been a fixed ritual virtually identical to that portrayed by Simon's Cat in his video Cat Man Do. Usually it's Balu who tramples all over me trying to wake me up for his breakfast.

He's especially good at the part where he first dabs my face with his paw, then does it again with claws.

Sometimes I'll wake up with Kitty sitting on top of me too, but Balu is definitely designated spokescat.

And, of course, every morning he claims that they are starving to death.

In Tenerife, where there isn't as notable difference in the length of day between summer and winter, breakfast time at a was pretty constant hour.

Here in Britain, as the days lengthen, it gets earlier and earlier and I've been having quite a battle trying to train them to associate an 8 a.m. alarm with getting fed. Once the clocks sprang forward at the weekend, I gained a temporary one hour reprieve, but they still start badgering me earlier than the alarm and always scramble to the kitchen on food alert when they hear it.

So this morning: the alarm was going off for some time as I had trouble locating (it's on my mobile) and switching it off in my sleepy stupor.

No cat had woken me before it? Well, that's strange.

No cat came or went running whilst the alarm was going off. That's really weird.

"OMFG! Where are they? Have they escaped? Are they dead? Am I dead?"

You know the ridiculous, surreal thoughts that run through your head while you're still half asleep.

They were elsewhere in the room, being eerily quiet and laid back about the whole morning experience. I think they managed to pull an April Fool on me!

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