Sunday, 25 April 2010

Prize Every Time

imageThey always say that, don't they? But, I won one fairly and squarely yesterday.

There's a fair in town (that's a carnival for the colonial viewers and, for my viewers in the Canary Islands, it means carnival (fair) without the carnaval, which seems like a alien concept to me now.)

Nevertheless, in this area where nothing exciting ever happens and, even if anything does, the weather seldom makes it possible to go (even if there was any public transport), I decided to take advantage of a rare sunny day (knowing it would rain today) and took a long slow walk to the fair and back.

With only around 4 rides (Los Cristianos has a much bigger fair for carnaval), plus the kiddy roundabout, 2 shooting galleries, 2 hot dog stands, a stall selling sweets and the hook a whatever stall, one was really spoilt for choice! (She says sarcastically.) Even hobbling round it took me all of a minute to see the lot.

Truthfully, I don't know why I bothered. I looked at the Twister and the Waltzer - both of which I'd enjoyed once - or even the dodgems and realised that even if my already sore and aching, battered body could survive the assault, my neck, brain and poor balance due to neurological problems, would not.

It's always harder to deal with fibromyalgia and ME/CFS, I think, when you are so pointedly reminded of things in which you are no longer able to partake.

So I chose a tabby cat with a pink lead for my prize on the "prize every time stall" - I was amazed that I actually managed to hook something: I don't usually and my hand to eye coordination seems to get worse every year - bought a big bag of candy floss (that I certainly shouldn't eat) and walked home again.

The excitement around here is enough to kill someone - from boredom!

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