Thursday, 29 April 2010

Paws in the Proceedings

Paws in the ProceedingsRegular visitors may have noticed a link to this book, Paws in the Proceedings, in the sidebar.

It's by my absolute favorite "cat author", Deric Longden. He's a favorite, maybe because he's as daft as I am. :) He has a wonderful way of describing the mundane and ordinary and making it interesting and, a typical dry English wit and a subtle turn of phrase that makes absolutely anything funny.

Amazon say that this "is the second book of Deric's gentle tales of life in Huddersfield with his wife Aileen and their menagerie of playful cats with big personalities," but I would beg to differ, as I've certainly read more.

The cats' tales all started when Derek took in - or was taken in, in typical cat style - by a small white cat who he called Thermal in "The Cat Who Came in from the Cold." I still have my original copy of that book because it's become one of my "prized possessions", but I noticed that book has been reissued too.

If you haven't read that one yet either, I strongly suggest you do.

Next came "I'm a Stranger Here Myself", which is described as "a travel book of a kind," but which also continues the tale of the household, including cats and, I feel, is one of Longden's strongest and most humorous books.

There are also A Play on Words and Enough to Make a Cat Laugh.

But one cannot mention Longden without reference to "Lost for Words", which was made into a TV film starring Pete Postlethwaite (as Longden) and Dame Thora Hird as his mother and, was the bittersweet exploration of what familial love is, and the pain there is for all concerned in losing someone - in Longden's case, his mother - to this most alienating of diseases (alzheimers).

And then there's Diana's Story, which I also re-read recently, about his first wife Diana's illness with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and her subsequent death. This too was made into a film entitled, Wide-Eyed and Legless (and re-titled as The Wedding Gift for the US market), starring Julie Walters.

Both of those Longden manages to make funny, while still remaining sensitive, which is, I feel a huge testament to how great a writer he is really.

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