Friday, 30 April 2010

National Hairball Awareness Day

imageWould you believe that April 30th is National Hairball Awareness Day, a day to recognize and take steps to eliminate hairballs in cats. And I'd thought they were already pretty good at eliminating them themselves - usually on the most easily stained bit of carpet one has!

Fluffy (Balu), I've previously said would never get his own furballs, because he seems too lazy to groom himself and is content to let his sister lick him or for me to brush and bath him, but that's changed since he's been in the UK.

I guess the truth is that, in Tenerife, he never had the need to grow a really proper winter coat and so, his molting was correspondingly less noticeable.

Meanwhile here for the last few weeks, shortly after the weather had taken a turn for the warmer, he been shedding copious amounts of hair - mostly all over my black clothes and the plain carpets - and began whining, then proceeded to eject various hairballs, along with his lunch, of course, on the hall carpet.

Couldn't have moved a couple of feet onto the easy-to-wash kitchen floor!

Since that begun I've been brushing great handfulls of hair out of him, morning and evening (we took some out to offer to the birdies nesting in the holly bush in the garden, as nice, soft bedding material), plying him with hairball paste and, 10 days ago gave him a wash and blow dry to remove some more.

So far, so good, but he's definitely become higher maintenance.

How to Prevent Hairballs and How to Get Rid of Them


mitch1066 said...

we have two long haired furballs,the first Eeyore like his name isnt bothered by much and definately wont demean himself by grooming himself but his brother Itachi (japanese for weasal)is constantly grooming and so throws up a lot.I too have started brushing and feeding hairball food and adding malt to his paws to eat because it supposed to help him digest the hair.Like we need the extra work lol.But they are so loving and fun to watch:)

Pamela said...

True. They beat TV any day. :)


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