Thursday, 29 April 2010

Miracle Shoes


There is something to be said for this Haul Blogging craze and it's not just for bored teens with too much money. Smile

So here is my latest haul. Maybe miracle is a strong word, but these are certainly the first pair of comfortable shoes I've been able to find in years and they're trendy, which normally, we do not have the luxury of enjoying.

And if you have fibromyalgia, you already know how hard it is to find a decent pair of comfortable shoes you can wear. Normally style has to be sacrificed.

These go with sports clothes or jeans, look great with leggings and, would still look good enough with a skirt (if I happened to own one, which I don't.)

For me, footwear must:

  • Have a cushioned sole of reasonable thickness, or I'll walk 25 yards and my feet will feel like they've been hammered from underneath.
  • Not be leather as, unless it's really, really expensive, will be too stiff and will rub my feet into blisters within a few yards (and isn't environmentally / animal friendly enough for me either.)
  • Not have laces, 'coz I can't get down to fiddle with them.
  • Not have buckles, 'coz they'd dig in, rub, blister.
  • Not be sandals as they'll cut and rub everywhere.
  • Provide decent support to the foot.
  • Preferably have Velcro fixings.
  • Be black.

Normally, even after they've passed all of those tests, shoes will either not be comfortable and supportive enough around my ankles, yet will usually rub on and blister my abnormally low ankle bones. These Skechers Women's Shape-Ups Sleek Fit Trainer are shaped low like trainers at the ankle, so don't have the latter problem, as well as passing all my other pedantic tests.

So far I've walked over 3 miles in them and as well as being comfortable enough to do that at the time, along with other factors, they've helped reduce the amount of pain in my ankles, feet, knees and legs after walking.

Your results may vary, of course, but these shoes do not seem too heavy - which can be another serious problem for the energy starved. And although I certainly could feel my bum muscles working when I first wore them, this did not develop into a problem which hurt nor felt as if I'd overworked something.

The blurb (this is the first pair of shoes I've ever bought that comes with their own DVD!), says they:

  • Promote weight loss (I can be hopeful)
  • Strengthen the back
  • Firm calf and buttock muscles
  • Reduce cellulite and tone your thighs
  • Increase cardiovascular health (blood circulation)
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce stress on knee and ankle joints

All of those are important to those of us with fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue, but probably what appeals to me most is the blood flow benefits, since it seems that the pain from blood pooling in my lower extremities due to orthostatic intolerance seems to be one of the worst symptoms I suffer currently.

As I say, there may have been other factors coming into play, but so far, it's with that, that I have felt the greatest improvement or relief.

Skechers Women's Shape-Ups Sleek Fit Trainer


mitch1066 said...

Interesting,from the adverts i would have thought they were too much work so thanks for your review.I must admit ive fallen for crocs ,i know not loved by many but i do stick to subdued colours.They have a new style "lady "that i want to try :)

Pamela said...

Actually, they were no work at all and felt natural and comfortable, while at the same time promoting better posture, right away.

Although, obviously, I only intend to walk from A to B in them and have no intention of doing any exercises. Now those would be work!

I'm Crocs' other fan actually - I have a pair by the back door that I use around the garden as "outdoor slippers" - but I just don't find them comfortable and supportive enough for distances.


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