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Monday, 5 April 2010

Confidence and subtlety in inverse proportion

One of the downsides of living as a single female in Tenerife was the constant unwanted male attention. I'd added glasses, I'd died the blonde hair back to brown (then left it unkempt), I'd ditched all the makeup and covered up all of my bits in t-shirts that would happily double as black sacks. In the end, by comparison, I'd have made even the most butch lesbian look frilly, girly, feminine.

Did it deter the buggers? Not a hope!

They were incapable of taking hints and ignored direct negative responses.

It didn't matter how old, fat, bald, lacking in teeth, or married they were, even the village idiots truly believed they would be doing me a HUGE favour by suggesting that I needed a man, a partner or just a damn good shag.

Subtlety was not one of their strong points, even if confidence was.

It's one of the few things about living there that I don't miss.