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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Food intolerances

It's a good idea to try something one has previously eliminated from one's diet again, just to see if it was a one-off reaction or if one does have a genuine intolerance of the outlawed ingredient. Yesterday, only because I was being somewhat lazy and mean (I didn't want to open a whole carton of soya milk for less than a cup), I made a white sauce with part skimmed milk. This was for a vegetarian Moussaka and all the other ingredients I used in it are things I use regularly with no problem.

Once more, my stomach blew up into a huge ball and began to ache right after I'd eaten my dinner. In fact it ached so much that it ruined my entire evening: I felt too ill to do anything and all I could do was curl up in a ball with a microwave heated wheat bag on my stomach, groaning, until I fell asleep. I think I can now take it as a given that I am intolerant to dairy and, if I've been having this same reaction now for years, it probably wont change.


cinderkeys said...

Ick. Well, at least you know it was the milk.

Pamela said...

True enough and for some reason, skimmed milk causes me a more violent reaction than other forms of dairy.