Saturday, 17 April 2010

Buses: conspicuous by their absence

imageHere in the UK I'm in far too much pain to be able to use the bus comfortably.

The constant jolting of their stop-start nature rattles my very bones.

Where it hurts most varies, but I never get off a bus without my neck has "cricked", my back has "gone" or in some other additional pain.

Then the lack of seats or shelters here that mean I can't wait for them.

And then there's the astronomical cost, which is probably why the only people you do see using them are the OAPs with their free bus passes. 

Now there's another reason to not catch them: there's even less of them.

From this week, our local bus service has been cut so that - wait for this - the LAST BUS back from town leaves at 12 minutes past 2 in the afternoon.

Previously it had been 10 minutes to 5pm and that got howls of laughter!

I mean, whoever heard of a LAST BUS at those times?

Now, don't say go out earlier (with fibromyalgia, one can't anyway), because the first bus of the morning isn't until 4 minutes to 10 anyway.

So, folks in this retirement village have a window of just 4 hours (Monday to Friday only) in which to travel to wherever and do whatever they need.

Frankly, I think you'd find better facilities in the third-world.

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