Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Gone Nuts

imageNo, that's not an opinion on the state of my mental health (although some would disagree), but a remark on a necessary change in my diet

Yes, it's out with the peanuts - all 599 excess calories per day and a whole heap of fat.

Today I ate the last of them. Tomorrow they get replaced by wholegrain bread (which I'll make), to save at least two-thirds of those calories and all of the fat, whilst maintaining a reasonable level of the fibre they provided.

Over the weekend I did look up the nutritional properties of the foods I was eating (breakfast and lunch don't change much, for dinner I put in that day's - the ingredients of a vegetarian Cottage Pie - as a typical example) and discovered that I was just exceeding 2,000 calories per day.

That may be the average recommended level for western women, but at my age, my weight and with my sedentary (mostly bedridden) lifestyle, I apparently only need 1,756 calories to maintain my current (obese) weight.

And I don't want to maintain my current weight, thank you.

Not for aesthetic reasons - although that does bother me - but to remove some of the pressure and hopefully pain, especially from my hips and knees.

To lose weight, I'll need to consume less and move more, obviously.

The latter isn't going to be at all easy, but the diet tweaks weren't too painful (at least, not on the spreadsheet), so from tomorrow, I'll be following this regime, which, give or take and allowing for rounding and the odd treat, should average out at 1,500 calories per day. Will it help? Only time will tell.

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