Saturday, 27 March 2010

Every Morsel Measured

"Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food." -- Hippocrates

In an effort to avoid those things which seem to cause me additional fibromyalgia and IBS symptoms (like meat, dairy, chemicals and sugar), to keep my cholesterol under regulation, keep my sluggish bowels on the move and at least not add too much to my seemingly ever increasing weight, I've developed my own diet. By process of elimination, mostly.

With no snacks and small portions too, it feels pretty much like starvation rations.

And, I will add here that whilst I have had to eliminate great swathes of foodstuffs from my diet, I'm also keenly aware that restrictive diets can be harmful if they lack certain essential nutrients. Thus, I've tried to be careful to maintain balance by always considering what needs to replace anything that is now removed. So far I've done this pretty much by intuition.

What I mean to do now is to weigh, measure and analyse with more precision and to list the carbohydrate, fat, fibre, protein, calorie and other content of individual ingredients to get a better picture of how this stacks up against the various RDAs of each.

Therefore, I'm sure that this menu will undergo plenty more changes as I discover deficiencies, excesses (mostly calorific, I guess), yet more foods that I become intolerant to or others that help in some way, but for the moment, below listed is my typical daily intake:

  • Small bowl of porridge oats made with (filtered) water and sweetened/flavoured with a handful of raisins. Replaced with berries. 
  • Black coffee (double espresso)
  • Salad of mixed leaves, sliced avocado (too much fat), a sprinkling of walnut pieces (more fat) and linseeds (sparingly) and dressed with olive oil (a teaspoon) and sea salt.
  • Fruit salad consisting of 1 banana, 1 kiwi fruit and at least one or two other fruits, such as mangos, peaches, or any variety of berriesor melon.  
  • 85 grams of salted peanuts Wholegrain bread to provide the roughage.
  • A vegetarian / vegan home-cooked meal, predominantly based on rice, rice/corn/vegetable pasta with vegetables, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soya mince or chicken substitutes. Occasional fish / shellfish. Cheese sometimes as a condiment, but otherwise no dairy.
Other than the morning coffee treat, I drink only filtered water, lemon water or caffeine-free Roobios or herbal teas (which together constitute my daily target of 8 glasses / 2 litres). I don't snack. I don't eat processed foods. I check all labels for stray chemicals and sugar. No wheat and gluten.

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