Thursday, 25 March 2010

Delayed diagnosis

image"X-rays fail to spot up to nearly a third of fractures in the bones of the hip and pelvis, research suggests," reports this article at the BBC.

In the study of patients complaining of pain after an injury to the hip or pelvis, 13 with normal X-ray findings were found to have a collective total of 23 fractures seen on MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Another 15 patients with abnormal X-rays had 12 additional pelvic fractures seen on MRI that otherwise would not have been identified.

To be fair, in another in 11 patients, MRI showed no fracture after X-rays had suggested there might be one, so this is hardly a cut and dried issue. However, I can't help wondering if I should now ask my GP what she thinks about me having an MRI scan, after the x-ray I had done last year had discovered nothing wrong with my hip that still hurts after a fall in 2001.

It's mildly possible that an MRI scan could be of further use related to fibromyalgia (although, about all it would do is show that my pain exists) and with the me/cfs, there is a chance that MRI would show up some abnormalities, i.e. show some quantifiable result.

Of more use in the "getting value for money department", it could also be used to inspect my gynaecological bits, since the hysteroscopy was aborted. And presumably if there's anything untoward in the bowel (given my history of irritable bowel syndrome with chronic constipation), well, at least that too is in the same scan area ... there's back pain to investigate ...

The hip pain, as I say, originates from a fall in 2001, I've had fibro since at least 1995, probably had ME since I was 12 (1969), irritable bowel syndrome was diagnosed in 1980 and I've suffered with unidentified low back pain since my teens in the early 70's. If anything were identified now, I definitely think it would qualify as a delayed diagnosis, don't you?

NB: I did have a brain scan of some type in Tenerife, but I think it was negative. Dont tell anyone

Image: by Muffet

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