Friday, 26 February 2010

You Should Be An Atheist


"So it's not really a religion. But that's the whole point.
You don't buy into the whole God thing ... or you just don't care. You may feel very alone in a world full of religious people. But just remember, atheism has a long and rich intellectual history."

What Religion Should You Be?

It's quite rare that what I should be is indeed, exactly what I am. :)

Interesting choice of wording that I "may feel very alone in a world full of religious people", because I don't. I don't think I am alone at all, at least not on this side of the pond. I certainly didn't feel alone in "secular" Spain either.

But clearly, these quizzes are written by a North American, for a predominantly North American audience and, I think that this choice of careful wording demonstrates the different transatlantic attitudes and perceptions.

Anyway, yes I do remember that "... atheism has a long and rich intellectual history".

For the same reasons as above, this seems to infer that I might feel apologetic about my choice of non-religion. I don't and my view is becoming increasingly the contrary: that intellect and religion are mutually exclusive.

Even as a child, I didn't "get" the whole God thing, but I gave it a hearing.

No, in fact, it gave my ears a right bashing at a Church of England school (Bishop Wand, in Sunbury on Thames.) Their attitude, which attempted to argue that the C of E was right, all others were wrong, struck me as "un-christian" and wrong.

If that's what religion was, I didn't want it.

And, until recently, I'd stayed clear of belonging to any, whilst remaining non-judgemental and tolerant of those who do profess one or another faith.

As an academic subject, I find religion quite fascinating, but the more I study comparative religions, the more I come to feel that superstitious belief in a "sky daddy" is something that, way back in man's history, was a natural response to "unexplainable" natural events for primitive people's ... that was later harnessed for the unscrupulous motives of those in power.

At its least insidious I see religion as a crutch: yet another excuse for people to abdicate responsibility for their actions or for sorting out their own lives, which seems to be exactly the situation the "Nanny State", administered by those with vested interests, would actually like: powerless people.

The further away from the early religions and the further west you go, the more tainted, corrupt, hypocritical and dangerous religious belief becomes in my view and, I know that I am not alone in the belief that, Societies [are] worse off ‘when they have God on their side’ (Via: God is for Suckers.)

And far from not caring: I try to understand that society pressures people to conform, but I also don't suffer fools. People don't consider themselves to still be primitive, but they also don't appear to use the brains they've got, so I have mixed feelings of frustration and pity for those who do not see through the blatant manipulation. Actually, this is because I do care about the greater good and, rather see these beliefs as hindering humanity's progress.

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