Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The whole world's gone nuts


When I was out on Friday (visiting a psychologist, ironically, but I do not infer that has anything to do with the overuse of the term NUTS herein), I popped into a health store for something to nibble for my lunch. Since my nearly vegan diet is short on protein, I like to get my daily NUTS.

This what I got. Look, I don't blame Neal's Yard, or even Holland & Barrett, because I'm sure this abomination is the sole responsibility of some anally-retentive, rule-obsessed, nannying "nutter" (pun intended, obviously) from the ever-present 'Elf and Safety Executive.

So, not only does this transparent package - you could see the NUTS before I ate them - have a title that mentions NUTS (on both sides), a list of ingredients that includes NUTS, an allergen information panel that mentions NUTS and a warning that small children can choke on NUTS ...

They still felt the need to add a 5th item: another warning that the product is packed in a factory where NUTS are handled. Well, I should bloody well hope so, or aren't these real cashew nuts?

All this repetition does is cause confusion. It's NUTS I tell you, NUTS!

1 comment:

ronsrants said...

Actually, Pam, food labelling is nothing to do with the HSE, but with the FSA.


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