Sunday, 7 February 2010

How I stopped biting my nails

image "Still amazed it was that easy."

How I did it: I have a terrible admission to make, I probably started biting my nails when my first teeth came through and, give or take one or two occasions when I was able to stop temporarily - events which took time, difficulty, willpower and a lot of trickery such as false nails, nasty tasting fluids, etc. - I continued to gnaw away at my nails nervously, well into my 50's.

Yes, I know perfectly well how awful bitten nails on an adult looks!

Then one day, whilst perusing I spied a 79 pence MP3 entitled, "Stop Biting Your Skin And Nails Self Hypnosis" by Erick Brown Hypnotherapist

I'm a dreadful cynic: I don't even believe in hypnosis, but what the heck, I can afford to "waste" 79 pence and the 42 minutes to listen to it. So I did.

Hummm, yes, well, that's me educated.

I also frequently have trouble with insomnia and falling asleep, but I've yet to hear all the way through those 42 minutes, because this puts me to sleep long before that.

And, after two plays, despite mostly not hearing it (while conscious), I didn't bite my nails any more, I don't even want to bite my nails, I'm just not even tempted to bite my nails: it's like I never did. I don't even need to be using any willpower to remain on target.

Don't ask me how this worked and don't ask me to believe it really did, but it just is. :)

Could be worth 79 pence (about a dollar and a quarter) to you too.

It took me 2 days.

It made me

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