Thursday, 25 February 2010

Foot in mouth disease?

Click to enlarge. Thankfully we do not have smellyvision! (As, no doubt, my BFF will call it!)

Sorry for the dark image, but I think you can see the clear red markings on my toe and the side of the ball of my foot.

As well as looking red, this feels raw like a burn and is deeply painful as if bruised. It's so bad I cannot even stand to lay that side of my foot against the bedcovers.

It's the inside of my right foot, clearly, which makes lying on my left side difficult, unless I dangle the foot off the edge of the bed. That's difficult, because my left knee locked shortly after I'd learned to drive (around 19) and has been painful and prone to swelling ever since, so I also have to be careful how I lie on that.

On the other hand, it's my right hip that has been in really severe pain for the last 9 years after a fall, so I can't sit, lean towards or lay on my right side either.

Now my right foot has become sore, as if bruised, at the base of the heel, meaning I can no longer lie on my back and lay my leg out straight either. (I can't sleep like that anyway.)

In order to be able to recline in bed, I've invested in a special cushion that elevates my legs and that I can dangle my foot off the end of, so it isn't coming into contact with anything.

Walking? Huh, well, it's hell. Even with cushioned soles and foam inserts in my shoes.

This redness and soreness seemingly came out of nowhere, for apparently no reason.

The first time I mentioned it was almost a year ago. It's never gone.

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