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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Why does IBS have to be so fickle?

IBS, with which I was diagnosed in 1980 and again in 1986, often comes as part of the whole fibromyalgia / me/cfs package and, these buggers are all as unpredictable, unexplainable and illogical as each other. Take this morning: I knew I wanted to go, but made several trips under false pretences before I was able to achieve any success.

Or, as my old granny used to say:

"Here I sit, broken hearted, paid my penny and only farted."

Meanwhile, a painful tightness was gripping me across the middle of my shoulder blades (funny place for bowel fullness to manifest - I suspect it's more a symptom of toxic overload from, er, not having unloaded my toxins), the customary pain in the small of my back had reached screaming pitch, a headache was building and, overall I felt dreadfully nauseous and unwell.

I hadn't been yesterday either (which is nothing unusual), so I'd added prunes and kiwi fruit for my pudding at lunch - on top of my religiously fibre-filled wholefood menu and psyllium husk supplement regime which is what it takes to blast my sluggish digestive system into action. And yet, when I did go finally today, it was akin to a Versuvial eruption that I thought would never end and made me feel weak and unwell in the process. Now I have a stomach ache!

Why can't I get back to the regular routine I had in Tenerife where I ate a fairly normal vegetarian diet, took no supplements, yet went, regular as clockwork, with normal emissions, once a day, usually just after the 2nd cup of coffee?


ronsrants said...

Any opioid analgesics at all? They're buggers for clogging you up.

I had terrible IBS in the mid-late eighties (it often goes hand in hand with ME), and went through almost the entire IBS pharmacopoeia, to no avail, and I was on a wholefood veggie diet at the time.

I'd seen extravagant claims made for live yoghurt, and about the same time Sainsbury's started stocking a German live "bio-yoghurt". I bought a pot and felt a bit better, so I bought more. Which led to me eating industrial quantities - a couple of KG a day and, by this time, I was making my own cultured from the German stuff. And, after a couple of weeks I started to return to normal.

There was a flare-up when I stopped eating the stuff, but a further kilo knocked it back down again, and I've been mostly fine ever since (apart from the opioid analgesic problem).

I still get very occasional, painful, flare-ups, every few years, but there's so much high-quality yoghurt around now (I prefer Rachel's), that fixing it is no problem.

Probiotics, by the way, do nothing - I think whatever bacteria they contain just get digested. Which is why I ate such large quantities of yoghurt (good job I like the stuff) - the sheer volume was to try and ensure that a useful amount would get through undigested. And it seems it did.


Pamela said...

I had no success with Probiotics, either in tablet form in bio-yoghurt, but then I wasn't into industrial quantities. Not sure I could cope with trying this. :)