Friday, 11 December 2009

Weight Problems

Weight ProblemsIt should be considered a success that I've managed to lose 2 whole kilos (about 4.4 lbs) in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, if you work out the rate of this loss - a staggering 0.012048193 lbs per day over the 166 days between when my weight was first measured in June and the other day when I registered the loss, you can further extrapolate the data to discover that, at best, I would be a smidgen short of my 60th birthday before I would see the upper limits of my ideal weight range (141 lbs.)

Later - right now it's too depressing to think about, let alone type out - I'll describe the diet (starvation rations, more like) that it has taken to provoke this massive (cough) loss.

Worse yet, to get back to a mean of that ideal (120 lbs) and the weight I used to be for most of my adult life, at this rate, will take me until I'm just a whisker off my retirement age of 65.

By then another 12 advancing years, let alone the fibromyalgia and ME, will likely have added more pounds than I reckon I'll ever be able to lose, making it very hard to remain motivated.

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