Sunday, 6 December 2009

Scrooge Meme

image This is so last year ... but since I didn't participate then (well, I guess I play a fairly Scrooge-like non-participatory role every year), I will now. So there!

Have you actually read the book “A Christmas Carol” ?
Yes. When I was young books was all there was. If you haven't, read it online free, or print it out here.

Do you have any relatives you would rather not see (but have to) this Christmas?
Oh yes.

Do you have a cloying employee who is asking for something this Christmas, like more time off?
No, but if I did, I'd give them the time.

Have you ever been visited by a Spirit?
Not unless it was called Jack Daniel's and then not for many years now as, with the fibromyalgia, me/cfs, IBS, etc., my system has become pretty violently intolerant to alcohol

Who is the biggest “Scrooge” in your family?
Well, for the trait of misanthropy, I'm sure I'd win, though I'd argue that I've been given some pretty good reasons to dislike and distrust most humans. There's another contender for miserliness and mean spiritedness, but since I now only have one close relative, I'll not say who it is! :wink:

Have you ever eaten Roast Goose?
No, but I have had barbecued goat kid (on Christmas Eve) and a turkey so fresh that it arrived walking and bit the person who was charged with dispatching it. I call that justice!

How about a flaming plum pudding?
Yes, every flaming year. Well, it's tradition, init?

What is your favorite memory of a Christmas Past?
Despite being irreligious, a multi-lingual (Spanish, English, German & Latin) Christmas Eve carol service at the church in Los Cristianos, Tenerife; the *comedy* Nativity play put on by the village kids in El Palmar one year and most of all, the annual Three Kings parades in Garachico.

What is “Bah Humbug” about Christmas this year?
Everything. It will be a non-event. There's no public transport running, so I wouldn't be able to go out anywhere even if I could manage to, not that there is anything happening in a country where Christmas only means shopping. There's no company I want to keep, fuck all on TV that hasn't already been recycled a 1001 times and even the seasonal food leaves me fairly indifferent, because, a) I have to cook it and b) everything nice causes me more pain or discomfort.

Which version of “A Christmas Carol” is your favorite?
The one with Patrick Stewart as Ebenezer Scrooge [1999]

Tiny Tim – sweet or obnoxious?
I'm just full of admiration of how he makes the best of his situation. I find this so hard to do.

Via: Tippin' the Scales

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