Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Concerts are a bit like buses


For ages now, I've been lamenting that this area is the land that time forgot and that absolutely nothing ever happens hereabouts. Well, I still think that's true, but not too far away in *sunny* Bournemouth, things are not all as I imagined (i.e. has-beens in panto by the pier.)

Only yesterday (too bloody late, of course), I discovered that  UB40, along with Maxi Priest and Eddy Grant, are playing the Bournemouth International Centre tonight, Dec 8th.

On Saturday 12th, at the same venue, is Chaka Khan. (Who I went to see, with Rufus, at the Mid-Summer Music Festival, at Wembley Stadium, London, way back on June 21st, 1975.)

Would I like to go to these? Well, just look at the top artists played on my profile!

(Oh, I'll give Status Quo a miss on the 21st. I saw them at Bracknell Leisure Centre in 1971 ish (don't ask) and, I'm sure they'll only be playing the same 3 chords again! Sarcastic 

Of course, there's the *little* problem of my health that makes the whole thing pretty academic and hypothetical; the lack of public transport that makes it impossible, then there's the cost.

If I thought the prices of bus fares had risen to an extortionate high in the UK (and they've risen again since then), WTF happened to the price of gig tickets in my absence?

For the Chaka concert, it lists "Tickets from £79.20" (though it looks like the only ones left are £155). These are cheap compared to some I've seen and, no doubt, there are people who can afford them, but it sure as hell ain't the likes of me on less than £90 a week benefits!

(All those who complain because they think we *benefit scroungers* are happily coining our fortunes at their expense should think again. One, it is more than cruelly depressing to be both ill & locked in poverty where even "everyday luxuries" (to most) are so totally and permanently beyond our reach. Secondly, even if those mean-spirited moaners had to pay one of us personally, we'd still cost them much less each week than what they spend on their pure entertainment.

These prices make the last concert I went to back in Tenerife, the Orishas, seem even more quaintly inexpensive at a mere 5 euros (about 4 quid.) - yes, in 2008, not 1908 too!

(Well, I didn't pay anything, 'coz my friends Jack and Andy did. Thanks again!)

In Manchester, Whitney Houston tickets are listed as high as £550 currently. Wonder how much tickets will be if she plays Tenerife next April? Not as cheap as £4, I'm sure, but not as much as that either. Indeed, it may turn out cheaper to buy a package holiday than to see her in Britain!

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