Friday, 27 November 2009

u’z not doin well at dis game hooman

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As anyone who reads my Twitter updates already knows, I am not doing too well at anything lately, but here's another one ... Since my eyes will only let me read so much and my wrists will only let me type so much (if I can even sit up), I looked for other banal activities to keep me amused.

Clicking round blog and traffic exchanges, for no particular reason, soon gets incredibly boring and monotonous and, then the repetitive clicking gives me a burning arm and shoulder ache!

Then I found this Mini Pool game (well, playing this one really is more like pocket billiards, in it's most euphemistic sense, or it would be if I had the relevant parts). Once upon a time I could play the game proper. Now, I can't help thinking that, if I keep practicing, soon I shall be an expert.

Yeah, soon I'll be able to lose the little white ball down the hole with every stroke, such is the extent of the deterioration in my hand–eye coordination skills! Frustrated

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yashiro said...

I find your blog interesting to read.


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