Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My new favourite spot

During the day he still spends his time permanently burrowed under the bedcovers, but this is where Balu now parks his floofy arse for the couple of hours between dinner and supper [1] - in other words, as close as he can get to me, just to make sure I don't forget his food.

It's worth mentioning that this multi-cushion cat-platform on my bed is now the only means by which I can manage to sit up for any length of time and even then, not for many hours. My back and neck become too painful within 10 minutes if I don't support them and I already often have to use an additional cushion in the small of my back, a lumbar support belt and a neck cushion too.

Bed is where I spend almost all my time now, not because I want to - nor as my mother *so kindly* told the neighbours, because I "lay around" - but because the alternatives are too painful.

That doesn't mean I'm not still in pain, because I am, constantly, even having made myself as comfortable as possible. Hell, it even hurts me to move to adjust the bloody cushions!

I can no longer even sit up in a chair, because literally within seconds of doing so, I get pains in my lower legs - quite severe - ankles and feet and my ankles swell. When that happens, guess what? I'm advised to keep my feet up, so it seems to make more sense to me to prevent it from happening (and prevent any other damage or complications) in the first place.

All this "laying around" in bed might seem like a wonderful life, if you were a cat.


image [1] That is, when the munchkins aren't diving up and down the hallway and in and out of their Cat Play Fun Crinkle Tunnel. I wasn't at all sure about purple camouflage, but the cats don't seem to mind that and I mention it only because I wasn't expecting already 8 year old cats who really aren't used to toys to be at all interested, but I decided to take the chance. (They had a whole valley full of open space, rabbits, birds, lizards and more in Tenerife, what did they need with toys?) Games start as soon as I get this out and the frequent crinkling sounds suggest that they like it. Money well spent.

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