Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Compulsory Viewing

I've already put these two videos into the blog's sidebar so that future visitors can find them easily, but I really do think that as many people as possible need to watch them and become a little better informed. They are beautifully written and presented, as well as being true and profoundly disturbing in the way they highlight the cruelty and injustice shown to ME patients in the UK.

Incidentally, I've read in various places recently that some people in the US think that CFS is still called ME in the UK. It isn't: the UK has also adopted this stupid and demeaning "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" label too now and, in fact - as well as fibromyalgia - that is what it is called on the letter from my rheumatologist with my diagnosis. Despite this, I use myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) when I refer to my own illness, mainly because I can clearly pinpoint viral causes and / or catalysts for my illness and I certainly meet all the symptom criteria for the Canadian Expert Consensus Panel Clinical Case Definition for ME/CFS. My doctors were initially even reluctant to apply the term fibromyalgia - as they now appear to consider this all one and the same [imaginary?] thing - but I pushed my case for the distinctions between the two and why I "qualify" for both.

Via: WAMCARE blog

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