Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wind breakers


Of course, I've forgotten what / where it was now but I read / watched something not long ago that claimed pigs fart 50 times per day.

Now whether it's the accountant in me, or a more worrying mental affliction, but the calculation ran through my head that if said pig were awake for 12.5 hours per day (conservatively), then that's 4 times per hour, or in other words, roughly once every 15 minutes.

That doesn't sound so improbable really, does it?

What I was also absolutely certain of, given that long interval - with the serious amount of gas and bloating I suffer with IBS - is that I could out-fart yer average pig any day of the week. :)

And yet, for all his letting rip, ol' piggy there only emits a mere 1.5 kg of methane per year, compared to the stunning total of 120 kg coming from your average western cow.

And I always wondered why I felt right at home at those animal fair fiestas in Tenerife.

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