Friday, 30 October 2009

Unrecognised ramblings

Since I was feeling pretty crap yesterday (understatement), but wanted to make a note of what had happened - if only because I shall need to recount it all to my GP in case there is a problem with my heart and to talk to them about how I get urgent help if I should need it - I thought I'd give Windows Vista Speech Recognition another try.

Because of the terrible pain I've been getting, specifically in my wrists, but also in my neck, shoulders and back and, difficulty sitting up for any length of time anyway in the last year or so, I'd had a couple of goes at this tool before, but I just can't get on with it.

For a start, brain fog is preventing me from memorizing the list of commands. If I try to get it to control the computer, it generally runs amok. In any case, talking at it - constantly repeating the word "cancel" - makes me cough, gives me a sore throat and generally drives me barmy.

Yesterday, I tried to get it to take dictation. I don't think it gets my accent either:

For "TENS machine" it typed "tries to eat the machine."


myfoggybrain said...

Wow... seems like that program should be able to switch to UK english so your accent is not a problem?

Kudos to you for trying to make your situation work and make the best of things!

I hope it works out... I am so impatient and get so frustrated easily these days I probably would have thrown the bloody laptop across the room!

Nobody said...

Yeah, I spent years in Spain only ever speaking English to people for whom it was not their native language, so I tried to make myself enunciate clearly. Perhaps I should switch it to Spanish?

Only from the fact that it's virtually my only contact with the human race, I'm able to avoid the bloody laptop across the room scenario. :)