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Turmeric Capsules


Given the choice, I would much rather find  natural remedies that may be able to help my symptoms, instead of loading myself up with yet more chemical drugs. To this end, I have been researching and trying various things lately, among them turmeric. If you read the various claims online, you'd believe that this spice is the magic cure for all ills. In particular turmeric has been implicated in relieving muscular pain in fibromyalgia (in my experience, it doesn't) and in treating the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, where I have found it helpful in reducing (not curing, sadly) abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence.

Most people who feel at home in the kitchen with the assorted spices from around the world know perfectly well what turmeric is. They know how constructive it is when assembling a curry recipe and of its widespread use in Indian cuisine. If you are not so familiar with it please let me introduce you to turmeric at this time.

Turmeric is a yellow color spice which is predominantly used in the creation of curry and mustard recipes. It is widely employed within the Indian Ayurvedic medicine for use as a cleansing tonic. Those areas of India that consist of diets high in Turmeric use appear to have significantly reduced incidents of breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. This close relative of ginger root is considered to be an effective agent towards dispelling arthritis and its associated inflammation. All this new research and interest in this herb is providing some very interesting scientific data to herb's already vast storehouse of health benefits.

In Houston at the Andrews Cancer Center turmeric was recently cited in a released report which stated that it was instrumental in stopping the metastasis associated with breast cancer progression, benefits relating to ones lungs and finally those progressive improvements found within the lymph nodes. The herbal doctor and writer Andrew Weil has stated that those people whose diet is extremely rich in the use of turmeric generally have the lower rate found of breast, prostate, colon and lung cancers. He further states that the herbal remedy is an excellent product for any inflammatory disorder and improves one immune system greatly. He is a firm believer that there are potential benefits for those patients who are currently suffering from Alzheimer's.

Curcumin which is the active ingredient of turmeric has been proclaimed by researchers in Japan as a wide spectrum anticancer agent. They insinuate that the herbs ability to produce detoxifying enzymes seems to indicate its possible value as a protection generating agent against any sort of chemical carcinogenesis. One can easily realize and appreciate the significance of these particular results.

If you are considering the use of turmeric capsules as a health additive there are several hints that you should follow closely. You will want to ensure that you are obtaining a pure turmeric capsule. You don't want one which is plastered with fillers or unnecessary additives. You want one that is merely pure and quality tested. In the event that you are of the Jewish faith you can readily find some of the capsules that are certified as Kosher as well as those which are created from organically grown herbs.

Within a short time of taking these capsules you will experience many healthful changes occurring within your system. The capsules are geared towards people who may be suffering from diverse diseases and conditions such as arthritis, pain associated with Alzheimer's disease, inflammation or rheumatoid arthritis, as well as several forms of cancer. This list could go on and on as we recount such benefits as liver protection or bile stimulation within the human body. Various digestion difficulties are also addressed by this herb such as intestinal gas reduction and gallbladder simulation. It is truly a beneficial herb al capsule that will improve your overall health tremendously.

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ronsrants said...

I cured my ME-related IBS with industrial quantities of live yoghurt - at least two kilos a day, 500g at a time, until the symptoms abated, then tapered it off.

After about a year it came back, so I repeated the treatment and away it went again, Over the last 20 years it's flared up just 2 or 3 times, that's all, and yoghurt does the trick every time.

Probiotics don't work, by the way, as too little, or nothing, of them survives the digestive process, but live yoghurt in bulk does survive, enough of it to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria in sufficient quantities to out-compete the bacteria/yeast/whatever causing the problem.

Obviously a problem with dairy intolerance, but it's worth trying making yoghurt with soya milk (making your own is pretty essential to the whole process if it's not to cost too much). You can buy soya yoghurt so it can be done.

I used commercial yoghurt at first, before making my own using some of the bought stuff as a culture, and keeping some back from each batch to start the next.


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