Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Some relief for eye irritation

image Amongst the worst of the 1001 symptoms I have to put up with on a daily basis are those relating to my eyes - I think for obvious reasons as sight is so precious.

My eyesight has been changing rapidly and dramatically over the last few years - I'm sure some of that is to do with age - and my prescription for glasses along with it, that I can no longer justify the cost of having it filled.

Currently I'm making do with the cheap reading glasses that can be found all over the high street (which leads me to believe that many people do this in the UK) as in only the last year, I've needed to upgrade from 2x to 3x magnification - which is one of the highest. This is not really the ideal solution, but it's an economic necessity. When the 3x magnification is no longer strong enough, then I shall be well and truly in the proverbial brown and sticky stuff.

At my last eye test here in the UK (at least that was free), glaucoma was ruled out, but I failed the peripheral vision test miserably. My night vision went completely AWOL years ago.

Now I technically need (I don't have) glasses for distance too. TV has become mostly just a moving blur (which I'd say renders it fairly pointless, except I think most of it's fairly pointless anyway) and I would not be able to drive without correction (I don't drive for many, many other reasons.)

In addition to this, however, some days everything remains blurred, even with glasses.

Now I can only read for a certain length of time - which varies daily from a few minutes to a few hours, though the latter is rare - and then only if the light is right. I find reading on screen a lot easier than reading a book. In fact, I've only read three books in the last 15 years because I find it so difficult to find the right light, print size, wind direction, "R" in the month, etc. And, in any case, I find it generally too painful to hold a book for long enough, because of wrist pain.

Then there are the days when any light or moving things (even a scrolling screen) makes me dizzy and nauseous. If that gets as far as a full-blown migraine headache, then I can only lie flat in a darkened, quiet room until it subsides - which can take days.

Other times, I can manage to listen to music or the TV, as long as my eyes are closed.

And on top of this, I often wake up with gritty eyes and my eyes often feel dry and burning - this is made worse by "overwork" (which can mean as little as 15 minutes) - and at some point in every single day (all day, if things are bad), I suffer such pain and discomfort in my eyes that I constantly, involuntarily blink and squint in response to the sensation of a "foreign body" in either or both.

Sufficient quantity and quality of restful sleep - you know how rare that is for us - is probably the best antidote to these symptoms and, wearing sunglasses, avoiding bright light, taking breaks from computer and TV screens ... all help to mitigate their length and severity.

Previously, eye drops made no real improvement to the gritty, dry, painful part of the problem, however, I am pleased to report that these new, thicker consistency Dry & Tired Eyes Lubricant drops from Murine do offer temporary relief. They are available from

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