Saturday, 31 October 2009

Patients' 'right' to private care

image "Patients in England will be guaranteed NHS treatment within 18 weeks, with the legal right to private care paid for by the state if that deadline is missed.", report the BBC.

OMFG! They have truly gone nuts this time.

It sounds excellent, of course, but I cannot, honestly, imagine a more worrying piece of news for the sick in this country, other than, perhaps the reintroduction of the workhouse.

On the surface, we're guaranteed not to have to wait for treatment - which is fine until you realise this is NOT done for your personal comfort, but just to get you back into the workforce. A.S.A.P. and, by any means. Just look at NHS food to understand their attitude to cost cutting.

And the Gestapo you have to deal with in order to prove you're ill and get benefits.

Now, suddenly, we're promised all that super-duper royal treatment in private hospitals ...

No, really? Do they honestly think we're that daft as to fall for it? 

See where they say, "this will give greater incentive to those within the NHS to deliver on their responsibilities". That's mumbo-jumbo speak for there will be ever more impossibly stringent targets that medical staff have to meet. This is not a carrot for patients: it's a bloody great stick for doctors, whose very jobs will depend on treating unsuspecting patients within the time limits, so as to avoid those extra costs. Even if that means measures like bringing in the dubiously qualified to deal with backlogs and treating us no better than cattle on a milking conveyor belt.

"Patient power" my arse! It's all spin; all image and no substance. And typical.

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