Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Once and for all ME/CFS is not a psychological illness

Q: Does this latest information prove once and for all that ME/CFS is not a psychological or psychosomatic illness as described by those who don’t understand the disease?

A: Absolutely! Actually, there are thousands of research articles showing the very real biological problems that ME/CFS patient’s experience such as low NK cell count and function, MRI and SPEC scan changes, and repeated chronic infections, to mention just a few. Only the most stubborn and misinformed individuals refuse to believe that this disease is real and serious.

Read more in the XMRV Q & A on The Whittemore Peterson Institute website here ...

(My emphasis added - for the benefit of the stubborn and misinformed individuals who I know lurk around misinterpreting the words on my blog, as well as much of what they're told.)

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