Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Contributory factors

It has always been my opinion that chemical and similar exposures such as this have contributed to my situation too. On top of a landlord on the south of Tenerife who once sprayed acid under my door and all over my car (it lifted the paint) - oh, this is the "normal" way for landlords to behave when they want to evict tenants for no other reason than they want to charge someone else more money (ask the police - they hear it frequently) and then being seriously ill for days after being poisoned by chemicals sprayed on a banana plantation where I lived subsequently ... already too ill to work, I moved to cheap accommodation in the hills that had, amongst other serious defects, mould like this.

For over 9 years, I slept with this - it was the wall behind my bed. Is it any wonder I'm ill?

Woman exposed to toxic mold develops Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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