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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Good news and bad news

The good news: The results from my x-ray were that there was no evidence of damage, breaks, nor any underlying osteoarthritis that might account for the ongoing pain. The bad news: ditto all of the above.

Essentially meaning that it would have been better to find something that could actually be treated and that we must therefore assume that in the absence of any other evidence that fibromyalgia has switched the pain switch on and won't let it be switched off again. I already know that it simply does not respond to pain medications and, as I've explained before, in the English climate, I now have this pain 24/7/365. It never goes away and often keeps me awake. It's totally distracting and is often so bad that it often makes me cry, wince, sweat and feel nauseous. It hurts to put weight on the leg and hip and the pain is made worse by walking even short distances. I can't stand on it, I can't even sit on it and even lying down, I have to place my leg in very specific positions in order to make it just bearably comfortable. I really can't deal with this. The only thing I could do to have any quality of life is to return to a warm climate.