Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fibromyalgia Bill of Rights

People with Fibromyalgia shall have the following rights:

  • The right not to be patronized.
  • The right not to be dismissed as a nut job.
  • The right to refrain on occasion from family and social activities without guilt.
  • The right to have assistance for domestic chores in the home.
  • The right to stay in bed for a all day without guilt.
  • The right to take our prescribed medication without somebody thinking or saying "you're addicted".
  • The right to vent once in a while without accusation.
  • The right to be happy without having this being misinterpreted as "you're feeling better".
  • The right to change our minds, without guilt, about going somewhere or doing something because we aren't as capable as we first thought.
  • The right to be unique and distinct, even in comparison to other people with this condition.
  • Most of all: The right to be believed when we say how we really feel.

(Of course these are not rights, but they are requests) -- Author unknown

From Fibrotalk via PatientsLikeMe

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