Monday, 11 May 2009

Seeing red

Some of the small amounts of the MP's expense claim scandal seem a bit like nit-picking, but when I saw this one, "£4,800 claimed back for food in a single year by one portly Labour MP." Well, it's nearly enough to make me vote conservative (if they weren't just as bad as the rest) and lobby them to bring back hanging.

If you had any idea how much I'm against both of those concepts, you'd know how mad that means I am.

These no-good, lying, cheating arseholes expect me to abandon my dignity in front of perfect strangers, prove that I'm not an illegal alien terrorist, then to explain things like the workings of my bladder and bowels and be treated generally as though I'm not human, to beg for a measly £3,000 a year, when Mr/Ms Portly here can get over one and a half times that with no argument at all, just out of the petty cash! 

Of course, now we know why they expect every genuinely sick claimant to be a lazy, malingering benefit cheat. It's not because claimants cheat at all: this lot are simply projecting their own faults onto the public. The public may have their faults too, but you'd have to be looking up at a snake's belly to stoop as low as these thieves. 

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