Monday, 27 April 2009

The unfreezing of Iceland


Iceland, the country, not the supermarket, looks like a bloody inhospitable place, but perhaps conditions there will warm up a little after their election results that have seen the country "veering left for the first time to hand a parliamentary majority to social democrats, socialists and greens and humiliating the rightwingers who have dominated for generations."

Now I make no apologies for the fact that I really quite enjoy watching rightwingers humiliated.

The thought that has crossed my mind frequently though in the last few years - and this news has caused it to do so again - is what will happen at the next election in the UK?

Since it's Labour (the left) that's screwed things up royally in this country, there's no point (nor even chance, I reckon) of things veering any further in that direction for the foreseeable future, but the right wing is just as likely to make it worse as it is to make it better. And, personally, my money isn't on any of them making anything better and that's not because I'm being negative.

The Conservatives are just not who I would vote into power, when people more than ever need things like the wealth redistributing and social care to make up for what the economy and the planet can no longer provide.

Right wing policies would have to do complete U-Turns from what they have traditionally been, before we could even hope for them to be what it is that we want them to be.

Whilst I can fully imagine the average voter in Britain venting his fury too at the next election in the UK [1], I also think folk will generally ignore the negative possibilities and simply vote for what they perceive to be the complete opposite to whoever is in power now, expecting things to turn around, as if by some kind of magic.

Sadly, that doesn't happen.

As Mahatma Gandhi said: 

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

America voted (rightly, I mean, leftly, I feel) for change, but I think it's taken one or two by surprise since, that Obama doesn't actually have a magic wand and, in fact, all along - if had folk really listened - was advocating just that: that the American people themselves needed to be (and with a vote chose to be), the change they wanted.

I guess one is entitled to hope, but Brits tend to be even less open to change, so there's probably not much mileage in that plan over here! 

The Greens in the UK do not have a fat lot of organization (I could hark back to the time they were constantly spamming me for an example of how clueless they really are about all-important realities of how the internet works); the Liberals have always been plagued with the reputation of being the "wishy-washy party", whether that's true or not.

Labour - self-billed as "Britain's democratic socialist party ...", are the socialists in Britain.

That surprised you, didn't it? Given many of the directions they've been taking over the last decade or so, I'd drum them out of the Socialist International for breaches of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 and it's successors. And they continue to constantly shoot themselves in both feet, with the political equivalent of an automatic machine gun.

Given all of this, quite seriously, what options does the UK have?

Not one single one that I consider viable, that much I know.

Answers, on a postcard, please, to 10 Downing St., London.

[1] Next United Kingdom general election "... the election may thus take place in 2009, in keeping with the general practice of parliamentary terms being around four years long, or in 2010. Barring exceptional circumstances, it must be held on or before Thursday 3 June 2010."

(Personally, I think I'll endorse - I might even join and stand for - the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. A much better option would be to leave the pox-ridden country behind.)

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