Thursday, 16 April 2009

It is 5am. It’s a horrible, ugly hour to wake up

So well written, although it brought tears to my eyes as Christine Miserandino could well have been describing my all-too-frequent experience. Anyone who has not lived with 24/7 chronic pain should read this and weep (and consider there's something seriously wrong with you if you're still unable to empathize.)

"I feel as though every muscle across my chest is black and blue, but the evidence of that is not visible. My body feels achy and cold. My bones are rubbing against each other and I can feel it in every joint. I never knew everything could hurt even your pinky finger, but it can and does. I feel like there is no lubrication, nothing to help my joints move freely and easily. If this pain had a sound, I could only imagine it to sound like metal rubbing against metal, loud, painful and screeching. I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, but pain doesn’t allow me to have rest. My eyes lids flutter and tear with exhaustion ..."

It is 5am. It’s a horrible, ugly hour to wake up, not yet morning, not quite night.

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